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Malema urges BRICS leaders not to attend upcoming summit in solidarity with Putin

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SOUTH African opposition leader Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has urged prime ministers from the BRICS nations not to attend the upcoming summit in South Africa in solidarity with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Malema was addressing a packed FNB Stadium as the party celebrated its 10th anniversary in extravagant style, filling up the 95,000 seater stadium to full capacity on Saturday.

In his address, Malema said what South Africa did to Putin was a “serious humiliation of a sitting president”, and BRICS members heads of state should stand in solidarity with Putin and also stay away from attending BRICS summit in South Africa next month.

“South Africa’s foreign policy and its sovereignty has been undermined by NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] forces and the USA,“ Malema said.

The extravagance of the EFF’s 10th birthday celebrations was on full display. Malema addressed the crowd before he was elevated on a rising podium while red fireworks, balloons and glitter guns were shot into the air while thousands of supporters roared in excitement.

In his roaring speech, Malema also told the EFF rally that South Africa was in financial crisis and the EFF was the only an organisation that could rescue this country.

“I invite you to join me as we march to the future full of hope. I am going to need sunglasses because the future is so bright,” he said.

He told supporters that when the party took over government, they would offer free education, fight corruption and lock up corrupt ANC leaders.

“When we take over as the EFF, all of you who are unemployed and you don’t have your results, because you owe fees, you must know, we are going to cancel all your debt and give you your results free of charge. We want a child from a shack to go to the best of the best university. We will work with Cuba to establish quality primary health care.

“When we take over, all the informal settlements will be formalised and given water and electricity. Hammanskraal must get clean water. When we take over, we will restore the dignity of our people.

“South Africa is rotten and corrupt. Corruption steals money that must get feeding schemes for children in schools. Corruption steals money that must buy medicine for HIV/AIDS. Let me tell you, when we take over next year, Cyril Ramaphosa is going to jail. Ramaphosa must go to jail whether they like it or not. He is not above the law,” Malema said.

He said that the Marikana massacre gave birth to this revolutionary movement and while some naysayers said the organisation was formed out of anger and would never last, “the EFF is here, the EFF will always be here. It is not going anywhere. They are witnessing history today.”