It’s one thing knowing and accepting your feelings for this man and another acting on them. Being in denial about it will not make things any better, instead you’ll keep running away from the truth and start acting irrationally.

Focus on his flaws

Nobody is perfect, therefore, if you spend more time pin-pointing his flaws than what you love about him chances are you’ll be put off sooner than you think. The biggest flaw that could work in your favor is to constantly think about why you cannot be with the person.

Distance yourself

If listening to your heart means someone you love will be hurt in the process it’s best you keep as much distance as you can. Maintaining contact with that particular person could result in developing deeper feelings and you don’t want that do you? A break from him will allow you to eventually get to a place where his name comes up and you don’t blush.

Focus on yourself

This is the one time you’re allowed to be selfish and focus on yourself and nothing else. Work on things that can contribute to your self improvement. You could enhance your skills, join the gym, or just reinvent yourself.

Ask friends for advice

We’d like to believe that friends are our biggest fans and have our best interests at heart. They might pinpoint other flaws that you hadn’t noticed because you were blinded by your feelings, making it better for you to move on.

Ignore the feelings

If all fails, you have no choice but to not think about these feelings. Push them aside and use other mechanisms to cope when temptation hits you like yoga. – W24