Making dinner can be a fun: choose a recipe you’ve never tried before and cook it while he watches you. It’ll give you both a glimpse of how good – or bad – your cooking skills are. And, you’ll have something to look forward to the next time you see each other.

Have a quiz night

Whether or not your general knowledge is on point, this makes a fun date. Each person must have a set of random questions about any topic, and then take turns to ask questions. This will spark conversations, and get you laughing like crazy.

Watch your favourite show together

Anticipating the next episode of a hot series is always fun, so why not share that excitement with your bae? Set up a Skype or video call meeting, and then watch the show together. You’ll get to experience the emotions evoked by what you’re watching just as would if you man is right there with you.

Play truth or dare

As cheesy this may sound, this game can get things heated very quickly, hence it’s always best to prepare your questions prior to the date. The questions could help you discover things you never knew about your partner, whilst the dares will make for great memories to look back on.

Show each other cool hangout spots

Often when you discover hidden gems, the first person you want to share the experience with is your partner. For things that are hard to explain – like the vibe at your favourite hangout spot – it’s always best to show them. Face Time when you’re there and let your partner in on the whole feel of the place. – W24