After giving up all hope of ever finding Mr Right, this woman decided in a last-ditch effort to marry her furry little pet.

Wilhelmina Callaghan tied the knot with her Yorkshire terrier, Henry – who’s blessed with a lively personality, big, dark brown eyes and luscious brown locks – eight years ago.

The 43-year-old adopted the love of her life back in 2009 from a close friend whose dog had a litter, and she was inspired to become his blushing bride after learning that people could marry their beloved pets online.

The two were pronounced dog and wife via a website, with close friend Rebecca Carter more than willing to act as the witness.

Wilhelmina, who’s from Northern Ireland, calls 11-year-old Henry “king” and praises him for his faithfulness and support throughout the good and bad days.

“Things have fallen apart somewhat since we married in 2009,” Wilhelmina told The Mirror. “I lost my job in a morgue, so was forced to become a freelance embalmer. There isn’t much money in that, and then my house flooded.”

The happily married couple enjoy cosy cuddles on the couch while watching their favourite TV shows.

Although the wedding isn’t legal in the United Kingdom, Wilhelmina believes their union is purely spiritual and takes it as seriously as a legal marriage.

The redhead, who’s since adopted nine more dogs, started a Facebook Page dedicated to all her fluffy little canines under the alias Celia Ham.

When there’s tension brewing between pooches in the household Henry promptly comes to the rescue and plays the role of the peacemaker.

“If a new dog enters the fold Henry is the first to go over and say hello. There’s no ego, he’s just so friendly,” the proud wife says.

The happily married couple even have their own special song, which Henry absolute loves when his human wife sings it to him.

“When I sing it he runs over. It’s called Harry’s Song [Harry is a nickname for Henry] and it includes the lyrics, ‘Harry is my love. Harry is the one’,” she says.

Wilhelmina insists dogs are way better than men and say most marriages between people end up being catastrophic.

“Unlike other marriages which fall apart, I know I’m with Henry for life. People might think I’m barking mad but he’s perfect for me,” Wilhelmina says.