Chiwenga faces culpable homicide charges

CONTROVERSIAL Harare preacher Talent Chiwenga is likely to face culpable homicide charges after the car he was driving from South Africa was involved in an accident killing three people including his wife.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi could neither confirm nor deny that Chiwenga might be charged, but said investigations were still going on.

“We are still conducting investigations. It is only after investigations that the police will be able to provide a position,” Nyathi said.

However, in a video Chiwenga posted on social media, while on a hospital bed, he said he suspected foul play.

National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire blasted controversial preacher Apostle Chiwenga over his claims that the accident that befell him was an assassination attempt.

Chiwenga claimed that there was a car without number plates which followed him before the accident happened.

“There are a lot of inconsistencies in his narrative, maybe  it is because he is in pain, but that again won’t help his case in the event of a trial,” Mawarire said.

“My advice again will be, shut up, concentrate on recovery, mourn your wife and colleagues then face your day in court. Dzungu hakusi kungwara.”

Mawarire urged the pastor to keep quiet because he was facing 3 counts of culpable homicide.

“When one was driving a vehicle which got involved in a fatal accident, the driver usually faces culpable homicide charges, in this case, 3 counts, it’s normally wise to shut up and await their day in court. Just my little advice.

“I have spoken to very competent journos from Masvingo who attended the accident scene and I refuse to pander to limping conspiracy theories in order to be seen to be politically correct, never. I also know the place where the accident occurred, I have my personal experiences there.”