‘Rtd Gen. Mujuru killed in a ritual occultic sacrifice’

The late Retired General Solomon Mujuru
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The former Zimbabwe Army General Solomon Mujuru was killed in a ritual sacrifice, political analyst Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana has sensationally claimed.

Mujuru died in a fire in the early hours of the night of 15 August 2011, at the homestead of Alamein Farm, in circumstances that many commentators suggest were suspicious.

Writing on Facebook, Macaphulana said, “Solomon Mujuru’s murder was one burnt offering carried out in ritual occult style that mixed assassination with pure witchcraft. Many Zimbabweans dont know it that Mujuru was killed alongside a girl that was unknowingly used to trap him and that some of his body parts , including a foot, were harvested for ritual purposes. Exactly why Mugabe refused to have his body surrendered to the sorcerers he once worked with and used.”

Author Blessings Miles Tendi describes the death of Mujuru as follows:

At 1.40 am, on August 16, Chinyoka, who was on duty while Handikatari and Mark were taking a nap break, discovered that part of Mujuru’s farmhouse was engulfed in a ravenous fire. Mujuru’s lifeless remains, still burning, were discovered at 3.45am in the searing heat of a small living room. Mujuru was lying facedown on top of a Moroccan rug, with his legs spread apart. A portion of his left arm was under his torso.

Blue tongues of fire climbed from Mujuru’s charred and ashy frame. The blue tongues mounted towards the begrimed ceiling when they met buckets of water decanted by would-be rescuers at the scene. As news of Mujuru’s ostensibly fiery end spread like wildfire via cellphones and social media, Mujuru’s family, friends and adversaries journeyed frantically to his farm in the cold, early-morning hours of August 16. They convened outside the partly gutted farmhouse, which reeked of many things, burnt human flesh included. Aye, fire always catches up with the fireborn.

Source – Byo24