Heavy rains expected in some parts of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe will be experiencing localised heavier rains of 30mm that will be accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms until Friday this week.

In a statement, the Meteorological Services Department urged the public to take protective measures for both plants and livestock to avoid damages by thunderstorms.

It also recommends the public to stay indoors during thunderstorms and avoid using electrical appliances as they are also vulnerable to lightning strikes.

“A cloud band from the Atlantic Ocean is slowly approaching the country through Botswana. It encroached the Western borders of the country on Saturday evening sweeping across the country from yesterday till Friday this week. This should result in scattered thunderstorms across the country,” said the department.

The public is also urged to fix any leakages on roofs, install surge protectors and lightning conductors if possible.

Agricultural experts also advise farmers to plant if they receive at least 20 to 30mm of rains.

Most farmers have finalised land preparations and are now waiting for the rains so that they plant their crops.

The public will keep informed by the departmental platforms.

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