Nurse accuses prophet of planting snake in cottage

Prophet Siziba - Goblin

A nurse at Silikwe Clinic in Gwanda has accused a prophet, who was engaged by the community to cleanse the health facility of goblins, of being fake and planting a snake in her cottage.

It has been nearly a month since the clinic in Ward 2 stopped operating, as nurses deserted the health facility, alleging that they were being sexually abused by invisible creatures believed to be goblins.

In a desperate attempt to cleanse the clinic of the goblins, the community sought the services of a local prophet, who allegedly discovered a snake in one of the nurses’ cottages.

It emerged during a meeting organised by Chief Mbiko Masuku today that while the prophet exonerated sister Queen Mpofu of being the owner of the reptile, the nurse claims the man of cloth is nothing but a charlatan who planted the so-called goblin in her room.

“This prophet whom you engaged is a fake. I saw him planting the snake in my bedroom. This thing has really affected me and my family and I hope the community does not allow to be divided by such opportunists,” said Ms Mpofu.

The prophet, who is known in Gwanda for allegedly retrieving a giant snake from Garanyemba Dam last year, had told those who witnessed the cleansing that the goblins terrorising nurses at the clinic belonged to a community member instead.

“What we were told by the prophet was that the goblins are owned by one of the community members, not Ms Mpofu. Another version is that the goblins might have been given to another nurse called MaNdlovu by a traditional healer she might have visited in the past,” said one of the community members.

It is on that understanding that chief Masuku appealed to the owners of goblins to stop their shenanigans forthwith as this problem is gravely affecting about 1500 households who depend on the clinic for health services.

“As you are aware, the law does not allow us to point fingers and accuse people of witchcraft, but all I can say is that those who are sending their goblins to terrorise health personnel should stop it immediately,” he said.

For the people of Ward One and Two in Gwanda North Constituency, the nearest health facilities are in Gwanda town, which is about 40km away.

Expectations are therefore high that, with the stern warning coming from Chief Masuku, the culprits will take heed and the health facility will be opened soon.

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