Everyone has a personal approach to how they dress for job interviews – some like to keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible, while others see it as an opportunity to put their best style foot forward.

The latter might work in your favour in certain industries more than others, but your style acumen aside, I think recruiters generally just like to see that you’ve dressed confidently. So whether you’re wearing a plain white, ironed shirt or a highly coveted silk blouse from that four-letter European store everybody loves, the question is: are you wearing it confidently?

This interview outfit lookbook from Who What Wear also supports this sentiment, saying “what you wear speaks volumes about your confidence, attitude and dedication”.

Second chance for first impressions?

The job interview – a place where judgements are made in a matter of seconds. Friendly or unfriendly? Competent or incompetent? We form first impressions subconsciously, and rarely give people a second chance.

A previous line manager of mine also said they didn’t really stress too much about what candidates were wearing to interviews, just as long as it wasn’t anything glaringly inappropriate for a job interview. That would be ripped jeans, a T-shirt or a crop top, for example.

This has always been what I’ve kept in mind for past job interviews I proved successful in. Because I’ve worked for women’s publications, I tend to go the super feminine route with my interview outfits without being OTT – midi skirts with collared statement blouses, palazzo pants with mules, or the kind of cute dress I could also easily turn into a Sunday best.

A little something like this;

PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 26: A guest seen wearing
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - AUGUST 07: Lisa Hahnbueck we
interview outfit ideas

But that’s my approach.

Other people have expressed that they often go for a trusted blazer because it just immediately gives the impression that you take yourself seriously enough to always get things done.

Whether you’re a creative or a numbers girl, a blazer really is your ultimate cheat item when styled carefully. And it need not be part of a boring Margaret Thatcher-esque ensemble either.

Play with colour too.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 08: A guest wears earrings,
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 15: A guest wearing neon g


interview outfit ideas

Forget what sexism says about women who wear bright lipstick (or any kind of makeup) in typically male-dominated professional spaces, and don’t be afraid to complement the above getup – if you’re shopping the model’s look – with a bright red lip while keeping the rest of your makeup soft glam.