I Am Sorry To Leave Harare In Such A Sorry State: Mayor Manyenyeni Retires From Politics

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni

Outgoing Harare Mayor Councillor, Bernard Manyenyeni has announced that he will be retiring from active politics in order to spend more time with his family. In his last State of the City address, Manyenyeni apologised for the state of the city and admitted that the Harare City Council did not solve a number of challenges. Said Manyenyeni,

I had planned that I would serve for five years… I did my best to improve the city status but, it has not been easy.

The challenges facing the city remain the same. I am not happy to leave the city in such a sorry state but, I have to retire now to give others a chance. As council, we are part of a failed nation.

The vendor situation is worsening, and the kombi chaos is giving us a headache. As we go towards elections, residents must pay rates and do away with the mentality that government will write off what they owe.

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