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‘My friend has destroyed my marriage’

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A HARARE woman has accused her former friend of destroying her marriage and influencing her estranged husband to abuse her.

Paidamoyo Chiwanga (23) applied for a peace order against her one-time friend, Moreblessing Jonasi, saying she had sown confusion in her marriage.

“Jonasi was my best friend and lives a few houses away from me.

“She came to my place and we fought. I was arrested and sentenced to community service.

“I left my home in May after my husband assaulted me because of Jonasi.

“She told my husband that a protection order I granted against him was meant for me to control him.”

Jonasi denied Paidamoyo’s accusations, saying she was, in fact, the victim of assault.

She said Paidamoyo calls her a prostitute.

“We fought and she assaulted me with an axe after I was called to her house by our husband to discuss the matter.

“I don’t know why she is bothering me because when I left her house, I left some of my belongings there and she burnt them.

“She is in the habit of shouting at me, saying that a married man will never leave his first wife for a girlfriend.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Paidamoyo the peace order. – H-Metro