Threat to burn house, wife and kids

The estranged husband was threating to burn their matrimonial house and children following a misunderstanding

A Chigodora woman who thought her marriage could be saved by a protection order has withdrawn the application as her husband is determined to part ways with her.

The husband also made his own application for a protection order against the woman.

Rudo Matinya recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, as she withdrew her application for a protection order against her estranged husband, John Mudzingwa.

Matinya said when she made the application, Mudzingwa had threatened to burn their matrimonial house and children following a misunderstanding.

“He threatened to burn our house while we were inside. He actually went out and borrowed a box of matches from our neighbour. He came back and tried to set the house on fire. He locked the doors from outside.

“I screamed for help and our neighbour came to our rescue. Our neighbour spoke to my husband and he asked for forgiveness. He said he did not want to burn the house, but only did that to express his anger,” said Matinya.

She said Mudzingwa later invited their neighbour to move in with them, although they are not related.

Mudzingwa then started accusing her of dating the man.

Said Matinya: “My husband accused me of having an affair with the man he had brought to our home. One day, I woke up to find my husband’s sisters at our home.

“They accused me of bringing in a boyfriend to my matrimonial home. They asked me to leave. I tried to explain to them that my husband had brought in the man to stay with us, but it seems Mudzingwa had fed them with poison.”

As a result, Mudzingwa took her back to her parents’ home and gave her a divorce token in their presence.

“My husband took me to my parents home in Zimunya and left me there. I had nothing on me, not even spare clothes. When I returned home to collect my clothes and children, scores of people were there.

“My husband was entertaining some media people who were interviewing him about my alleged affair with our tenant. This affected me so much as I had thought we could resolve the issue amicably.

“I thought that applying for a protection order would save my marriage, but what is there to save when I was kicked out? Another woman is now staying in my matrimonial home, not even a month after our divorce.

“It shows that his sisters came to chase me away to create space for their brother’s other woman. I no longer want the protection order,” said Matinya.

She said she suffered further embarrassment when her husband dragged her to Headman Chigodora’s community court over the same issue.

“We appeared before Headman Chigodora’s court recently, with Mudzingwa accusing me of infidelity. He wants to take my kids. He is accusing me of trying to sell our matrimonial home and grabbing property, yet I only left with my kids and our clothes. I was served with his protection order application summons yesterday,” said Matinya.

She pleaded with the court to help her get a share of their property since they bought everything together.

In response, Mudzingwa said Matinya deserves everything that is coming her way.

“I want protection from this woman. She applied for her own protection order, what stops me from applying for my own? I do not want to talk or see her ever again. She had an affair at our matrimonial home,” said Mudzingwa.

Mr Chipato granted Matinya’s protection order withdrawal application. – Manica Post

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