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Madzibaba’s shrine turned into love nest

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The friendship of two sex workers have gone up in smoke due to gossip.

This emerged at Mutare Magistrates Civil Court where Violet Mudzimuri was applying for a protection order against her friend only identified as Nomatter.

Mudzimuri said her friend was having an affair with a married madzibaba and was caught pants down at the shrine by his wife.

She said Nomatter left her panties, bra and T-shirt there.

“Nomatter was dating a married madzibaba. They would meet at his shrine and had turned it into their love nest where they would do their dirty acts. One day, she went and spent the night at the shrine, but unfortunately their glorious night was cut short when the wife arrived. She left her panties, bra and T-shirt at the shrine.

“She narrated what transpired to me the following morning and I urged her to go back and check for her underwear as it could be used to fix her by her lover’s wife. I accompanied her to the shrine and we recovered her clothes. I did not tell anyone what had happened because she is my friend. I was only worried about what could happen if the clothes were not found,” said Mudzimuri.

She said their fall-out begun when her out of town client came and was told about what had transpired.

“Her client-cum-husband came back three days after the incident and was informed about what had happened while he was at work. I wasn’t around when he arrived. When I arrived at the house, I saw madzibaba leaving our house and my friend’s client asked me who he was. I told him that I didn’t know him, yet my friend had told him that he was looking for me.

“In my friend’s room, there was a suitcase with male clothes and her client asked me about the owner of the clothes and I denied any knowledge of them. He burnt the suitcase and its contents. From that time, our relationship turned sour. She has been avoiding me and looking for my shortcomings to tarnish my image,” said Mudzimuri.

She said they recently fought over water.

Violet Mudzimuri

Violet Mudzimuri

“I used some water that was in her bucket. She saw me cleaning the bucket because I had used it for my laundry. She insulted me and I reported the issue to our landlord as we stay at the same house,” said Mudzimuri.

She added that on one occasion, Nomatter locked her in her room with the intention of assaulting her.

“She locked me inside my room. She had seen me walking in the passage and asked me to get into her room. I obliged as we were once close buddies. I thought she wanted to resolve our differences. She asked me if I had beef with her and threatened to assault me. I was only saved by another tenant who heard her threatening me. Our landlord advised me to apply for this peace order. I am afraid she might assault me,” said Mudzimuri.

In response, Nomatter said no-one was a saint between them as they are both sex workers who became friends.

She said Mudzimuri is jealous that age is catching up with her, while she is still young and tender.

“There is noone with a perfect relationship. We are both sex workers, so she should not portray herself as a perfect person. The problem we have is that she told our landlord about my affairs. Why does he have to know who I date? He is just supposed to get his money and my affairs are my business.

“She was caught in her room by her boyfriend in the company of an elderly man. She was heavily assaulted and had to make a police report. She is just too old and should leave this business to us who are still fresh. Even the landlord sometimes asks me about her bitterness. I guess bitterness comes with age,” boastfully said Nomatter.

“She is angry because her niece had a relationship with her boyfriend. She accuses me of influencing her, yet she made that decision alone. Now the niece is living happily with her man,” said Nomatter.

Mudzimuri confirmed that her niece snatched her boyfriend.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato granted the protection order in Mudzimiri’s favour. – Manica Post