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Love triangle drama turns nasty

Unhappy Young Man Having Argument With Woman At Home
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IN a suspected love triangle drama that turned nasty a woman from Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North province is living in fear after her husband’s suspected lover allegedly threatened to consult witch-doctors to bewitch her. 

Awakhiwe Ncube (22) who is based in South Africa claimed she got married to Desmond Ncube from Bambadzi area, in Bulilima  District, Plumtree in March last year but Siduduzile Mankatha is also claiming that the man is her husband.

It is reported that in December of the same year, the “couple” is reported to have had a misunderstanding which led to Desmond rekindling his relationship with his alleged ex-lover Mankatha who is now alleged to be threatening to deal with Awakhiwe through supernatural means.

Love triangle drama turns nasty

In an interview with B-Metro, Awakhiwe said she tried to talk to Mankatha to leave her husband but without success as she insisted that Desmond was also her husband.

She said Mankatha started sending her threatening messages before posting her images on different social media platforms labelling her a “witch”.

“I discovered some messages in my husband’s phone that Mankatha was cheating with him. I then tried to make a follow up by contacting Mankatha trying to talk with her to leave my husband but she would not entertain me so that we could settle the matter.

Desmond Ncube

“She says my husband was also hers. She then started threatening me. Ufuna ukuchitha umuzi wami (she wants to destroy my marriage),” lamented Awakhiwe.

She adds: “This is my second year in this marriage but I do not have peace because of this woman. Mankatha is a threat to my marriage. When I was pregnant, she said I will give birth to a goblin and I ended up having a miscarriage”.

Awakhiwe said she was now living in fear and was also worried over her character which is being assassinated on social media platforms.

“This woman is tormenting me, she is a threat to my marriage,” a tormented Awakhiwe said.

Contacted for a comment, Mankatha refused to entertain all the questions directed to her.

She said all questions should be directed to Desmond.

“I am not her husband, talk to Desmond,” she pithily said.

Siduduzile Mankatha

Desmond said he broke up with Awakhiwe because of her unfaithfulness.

He said they never got married but instead they were just cohabiting until he decided to rekindle his relationship with Mankatha after Awakhiwe allegedly cheated on him.

He also denied the claims that they have a child together.

“I just know that there was something like a miscarriage which happened before she started cheating on me. So I just decided to rekindle my relationship with Mankatha.

“I have two children with Mankatha. This one is my real wife,” said Desmond.

When prodded to comment Desmond who would not entertain further questions threatened this reporter saying his marital life was none of his business.