Businessman branded a bully by ex-wife

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A PROMINENT businessman in Bulawayo Moosa Hassen Esat has been labelled a “bully” by his ex-wife.

His ex-wife Ishmael Gaibee made the sensational accusations at the Bulawayo magistrate court during the trial of the businessman who was being charged with contempt of court.

Allegations against Esat are that on 29 June this year at around 9am he took the child from his ex-wife to his home in North End suburb to celebrate their yearly festival named Eid Mubarak.

Esat allegedly failed to return the child on that particular day. Seeing that her ex-husband had failed to bring the child, Gaibee phoned him and he promised to bring the child but he failed to do so. His ex-wife then reported the matter to the police.

According to the court papers he brought the child on the following day which was in violation of the court order. His ex-wife reported him to the police leading to his arrest.

He appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gamuchirai Gore and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

In his defence through his lawyer Mutsa Nyamutowa he said he tried to bring the child back on 29 June but his ex-wife did not co-operate and failed to accept the child back.

He said the court order did not specify the time when to pick up the child and bring her back on Eid Mubarak day.

He said on 29 June he arrived at 830am at his ex-wife’s house to take the child for celebrations but he only got the child at 9am. He further said on Eid Mubarak Day the court order does not specify the time when he was supposed to take the child and bring her back.

He said on that day after having dinner he took the child to her mother’s home and upon arrival he hooted several times and rang the bell but there was no response forcing him to return with the child to his home.

He further said after that he sought help from a police station and was accompanied by a police officer to his ex-wife’s house and again she did not open the gate and was advised by police to take the child to his home.

Esat said on the following day he returned with the child to the police station and met his ex-wife who accepted the child after police’s intervention.

During cross-examination when she was asked to describe her relationship with her ex-husband, Gaibee said Esat has been flouting the court order and would be easy-going with him although that caused her trauma.

She also revealed that she has a poor relationship with Esat, describing him as a bully who used to harass her. – B-Metro

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