Jilted Zim man sets himself on fire at in-laws’ house in bid to win back wife

In a shocking turn of events, a man’s desperate attempt to win back his estranged wife led to a fiery tragedy at his in-laws’ house in Chitungwiza.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday, has left the man battling for his life with severe burns all over his body.

The man, identified as Godfrey Kaseke, 44, was deeply upset by his wife, Juliet Dzumbunu’s, decision to end their marriage and pursue a new relationship.

Sources suggest that he had relentlessly pleaded for a reunion, but she stood firm in her decision to move on.

Fuelled by anger and heartbreak, the man allegedly hatched a disturbing plan to confront his wife at her brother’s home.

He reportedly armed himself with a bottle of petrol, a kitchen knife, and a copper cable, intending to harm her.

Witnesses said that he even strangled the wife and threatened her with a knife before she escaped through a window.

Neighbours and passers-by came together to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, the blaze consumed all the belongings within the house, reducing everything to ashes.

Authorities are investigating the incident, a local news report said. It added that the wife’s family was disappointed in the jilted man’s family as they didn’t respond promptly to the disturbing incident.

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