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567 arrested in Beitbridge Border post immigration crackdown

Beitbridge border
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Over the past week, the Department of Immigration’s regional compliance and enforcement unit has apprehended 567 suspected criminals at Beitbridge Border Post as part of an intensified effort to combat irregular migration and other crimes occurring between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The crackdown aims to address criminal activities such as border jumping, touting, the use of fake immigration stamps, and the use of counterfeit travel documents.

Mrs. Canisia Magaya, the head of compliance at Beitbridge Border Post, emphasized their commitment to fighting crime and urged people to opt for legal and safe migration methods. She revealed that during the past week’s operations, 561 individuals paid fines, six went to court, five were convicted, and one was warned. This outcome serves as a warning to potential offenders.

Mrs. Magaya noted that the compliance operations would continue targeting known criminal hotspots and that educational efforts regarding safe migration methods would also be ongoing. She highlighted the role of automated and biometrics-related services in monitoring illegal activities at the border.

Beitbridge Border Post handles a substantial volume of travelers, including around 15,000 travelers, 3,000 private cars, 200 buses, and 1,200 commercial trucks daily. Recent upgrades, in partnership with the ZimBorders Consortium, have modernized the facility at a cost of US$300 million, facilitating the implementation of a one-stop border between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The border authorities aim to transform Beitbridge into a world-class facility, free from illegal activities and welcoming to genuine travelers. Additionally, they seek to protect genuine travelers from falling victim to touts and advised travelers to cooperate with officials and adhere to border regulations to avoid scams.

Source – The Chroncile