Chris Brown announces 11th album will contain 11 songs and drops on 11:11

Chris Brown

R&B star Chris Brown has announced that he will be releasing his 11th album on November 11 and that the album will contain 11 songs.

If he does go ahead with 11 songs, this will be one of Brown’s most concise albums in years, following a series of bloated projects over the past few years.

“New album name ‘11:11’,” he shared on Wednesday. “(Possible) album release date 11:11. This will be my 11th album and will contain 11 songs.”

The 34-year-old also took to the comments section of his announcement post to add: “I see some of my die hard fans wanting me to add more songs for the new project and I love y’all for that.

“But, I just feel I need you all to really miss me and take my art seriously. Im just focused on giving y’all the best to digest. ❤️ 11:11 make a wish.” This far Brown has released one single for the album, ‘Summer Too Hot’.

Brown has a history of issuing lengthy track lists for his album. Last year’s ‘Breezy’ album had 24 songs, while the deluxe added nine more songs a few weeks later.

He went on to add two bonus holiday tracks on another version titled, ‘Breezy – It’s Giving Christmas’.

His two previous deluxe albums before that, 2017’s ‘Heartbreak On a Full Moon Deluxe’ and 2019’s ‘Indigo Deluxe’ totalled 57 and 43 songs respectively.

Brown recently teamed up with Ciara on her new single, ‘How We Roll’, which dropped on August 4 with a new music video.

‘How We Roll’ was co-produced by South African-based Zimbabwean producer Mr Kamera. In celebrating the news, Mr Kamera wrote on Instagram, ‘When it’s God’s time’.

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