gtag('config', 'UA-12595121-1'); ‘We will focus on macroeconomic stability and curbing inflation’ – David Mnangagwa – The Zimbabwe Mail

‘We will focus on macroeconomic stability and curbing inflation’ – David Mnangagwa

David Mnangagwa
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HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son and Deputy Minister of Finance and Investment Promotion, David said he was in disbelief following his appointment as the second in command of the treasury department.

He will deputize Mthuli Ncube and said he was elated by the confidence in him despite being given one of the toughest ministries.

“Naturally I am elated but there is quite a huge expectation, to be a deputy minister in one of the toughest portfolios and also expectations from the constituency.

“You know I spent the whole of yesterday in disbelief wondering if I will wake up and will still be there,” Mnangagwa said.

The deputy minister who is also a member of parliament for the Midlands Province youth quota acknowledged the task ahead saying he will play a balancing act.

“So you find yourself in a situation where you have to play a balancing act between the interests of the constituency which are the youth to create opportunity, participation, and at the same time deal with the situation at hand.”

David Mnangagwa who is coming at a time when Zimbabwe’s economy is in turmoil said the Finance ministry will look to resolve issues around microeconomic stability and curbing inflation.

“Naturally the issues to do with microeconomic stability and curbing inflation that we still need to look at.

“We are quite fortunate in that the financial management team has already been working flat out to bring the fundamentals out with NDS1 seeing Zimbabwe’s economy being the fastest growing in the region that’s a testament to the success of the program.

“You will find that as we reach 2025 which is when NDS1 ends we will see the trickle down effects

“So I am excited to receive my mandate from my immediate boss Mthuli Ncube who will be the delegating authority as to what duties I am supposed to take in the dispense of my duties.

“It’s a matter of rolling up our sleeves, adding my hands to the deck of hands that are already there and moving forward,” Mnangagwa said.

Opposition and some critics have lashed at the President’s decision to appoint his son saying the move reeks of nepotism.