Zimbabwe among top 20 doing business reformers

Zimbabwe is among the top twenty reformers in doing business 2020.

According to the World Bank  Zimbabwe has made regulatory improvements in five areas measured by Doing Business. Zimbabwe made starting a business easier by improving online name search and reducing the Harare Municipality business licensing fee.

More frequent sessions by the municipal building commission in Harare led to faster approval of construction permits. Likewise, the deeds registry implemented an internal tracking system allowing applicants to track their applications throughout the property transfer process.

Finally, Zimbabwe introducing a new reorganization procedure, allowing creditors to vote on the reorganization plan, granting debtors the possibility of obtaining post-commencement finance and improving access to credit by giving secured creditors absolute priority during insolvency proceedings.

The other 19 “improvers in Doing Business 2020” include Togo, Djibuti, Kenya and Nigeria

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