US stuck in slave master mode – Mutsvangwa

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The United States of America has a long history of oppressing black people hence its continued imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Chairman Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has said.

In an interview, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the US still portrays itself as the slave master.

“This is the epoch of #BlackLivesMatter after the George Floyd racial monstrosity. America is still grappling with black racial segregation.

“This owes much to slavery as a building plank of America’s economy.

“This racial conduct manifested itself in the introduction of Apartheid economy in the South African Gold Rand. A heinous practice borrowing from the California Gold Rush.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe did not fight the liberation struggle to pander to the whims of the US.

“The progress attained in the struggle for democracy emanates from our sacrifice. It is not by any measure a gratuitous gift of American post imperial perfidy,” he said.

“Once it is plain that (US Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo is in the historical racial grove that has been the hallmark of US policy on Southern Africa.”

The war veterans boss lauded efforts by President Mnangagwa’s administration to thwart the effects of the US sanctions by introducing policies that have stabilised the economy.

“In the meantime, President Mnangagwa has moved decisively to address the malfeasance in the monetary space. Statutory Instruments have husbanded mobile money platforms into the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

“They also arrested EcoCash agents dark dealing in foreign exchange markets as well as the subversion of the stock exchange through selective fungibility of post-colonial corporates.

“These monetary house-keeping measures by the Government of the Second Republic have delivered national body blows to ZIDERA sanctions,” he said.