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Political vultures circling over Robert Mugabe’s throne

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe now firmly agrees that there are vultures circling over his throne.

There is enormous passive resistance from within Zanu PF to his continued stay in power and residence at State House.

He lashed out at those in Zanu PF who want him to step down. Using the vernacular Shona language, Mugabe said chigaro handidi nacho, put simply: “I’m not stepping down.”

The emergence of factions in Zanu PF aiming to succeed Mugabe and is the clearest indicator that there is consensus in the ruling party that he is too old, tired and beyond his political expiry date to an extent that his continued stay in the political cockpit of both Zanu PF and government is harmful to both the party and State.

Images of him dozing off at national, regional and international events have become an eye sore and national embarrassment.

His undiplomatic speeches are tightly making Zimbabwe a pariah State.

The vultures from within and without Zanu PF all have one thing in common; Zimbabwe cannot continue like this.
Nothing is working because of Mugabe’s 37 years non-stop rule, which has reduced a once vibrant economy into economic doldrums.

Mugabe is rightly to blame.

The right thing to do for Mugabe, considering his old age and health problems which have turned him to a permanent health tourist to Singapore, is to step down.
His running of State affairs has ruined the country.

For more than five years, civil servants have had no salary increment, but the prices of basic commodities continue to gallop.

His government’s extravagance is horrible. It is, maybe, one reason why his party is divided as each group wants to continue from where Mugabe would have left off when he finally retires or dies in office.

The major issue of concern from the governed is whoever among the vultures will finally clinch the coveted prize (presidency) must never continue in Mugabe’s footsteps.

Zimbabwe needs a new way of doing things after Mugabe is out of the State House. People have suffered enough because of false promises and propaganda.

We can not continue to live a vulture’s life waiting to feed on carcasses of dead animals, but we have to eat what we kill. – NewsDay