Nick Mangwana Calls Out Jonathan Moyo on Gukurahundi Hypocrisy

Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo

Zanu-PF’s Representative in the United Kingdom and Europe, Nick Mangwana, has reminded ousted former minister Professor Jonathan Moyo that when he was still in power, he never pursued the Gukurahundi issue, in the same he has been doing since he got expelled from Zanu-PF.

Since former President Robert Mugabe was ousted in November, Moyo has been very vocal denouncing in denouncing the senior generals from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces as well as President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the perpetrators of the Gukurahundi massacres.

Said Mangwana in an open letter to Moyo:

You used the political muscles around you to avoid your comeuppance, but are now politically emasculated. It is this political impotence that eats at you.

It gives you sleepless nights and the feelings of toxic resentment against your own Government that you would not hesitate to throw out baby Zimbabwe together with the bath water. You would not give a second thought to burning the sleeping hut in a bid to kill the alleged bed bugs. You turn to your default weapon of choice when all else is lost; Gukurahundi.

You served a constituency that was affected by the insurgency of the early ‘80s and the excesses of the operations that followed. Never once did you raise a motion in Parliament regarding the issue of Gukurahundi. You sat in the same room with the man that was Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces during the operations. There is no record of you tabling that issue on any forum be it Politburo, Cabinet or even as a backbencher in Parliament. We are sorry that you lost your father.

May His Soul Rest in Peace! But that is unlikely to happen because his name somehow always appears and becomes important on Twitter. Please tell us this writer he is wrong by informing same that you had a conversation about your father with the man that was Commander-in-Chief during the operations on his doorstep the buck stopped. What did he say when you mentioned your dear father? And do you know that your side kick is his nephew? If you did not raise it with the man himself then forgive this. You are either insincere or a lousy son whose father’s legacy is secondary to political ambition or a political cheapskate who does not hesitate to use his father’s memory as a cheap tool with which to whip rivals.

There are genuine national healing issues needing to be addressed. But these are not expedient political weapons with which to ‘inconvenience’ rivals. Victims on both sides deserve so much better. But the problem between the two of you is conceit. It is even worse for the professor.

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