Masvingo residents take heed of new lockdown

The announcement of new lockdown regulations by the government this Saturday has been welcomed by Masvingo residents.

While his peers from the same neighbourhood have seemingly thrown caution to the wind as evidenced by their disregard for social distancing and not wearing masks, the story is different for Brighton Chibvongodze from Mucheke residential area.

After spending the festive season in the hospital recovering from covid-19, Brighton believes the new lockdown measures are necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

“I caught covid-19 and enjoyed Christmas in the hospital. People should know that covid is real,” he said.

While expectations are that the majority of the population will realise the need to observe the regulations given the spike in cases, some still continue to be defiant.

Those ignoring the regulations had flimsy excuses.

“We thought covid-19 ended in 2020, but we are just being mischievous,” another resident said.

Some residents of Masvingo are hopeful that the lockdown will curb the spread of the virus.

For some, it would seem the message on the need to mask up has hit home, but some continue to toy with their lives, going about their daily routines as if the pandemic is over. – ZBC

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