Kembo Mohadi collapses on the podium during rally

GUTU – Vice President Kembo Mohadi Saturday collapsed while addressing a Zanu PF by-election campaign launch for the Gutu West constituency where ruling party deputy youth secretary John Paradza is contesting.

The by-election is set for November 11.

Elections in the constituency were not held on August 23 following the death of one of the candidates Christopher Mutonhori Rwodzi.

The Zanu PF top brass, including Mohadi and other ministers such as Tinoda Machakaire and Winston Chitando, were in Gutu West to drum up support for Paradza.

Mohadi collapsed on the podium and had to be airlifted to an unknown destination for medical attention.

“l need water, I need water,” Mohadi said before he collapsed to the ground.

Zanu PF bigwigs went into panic mode as the VP went to the ground.

His aides and Zanu PF officials including the youth boss, Machakaire, carried him to a nearby vehicle before he was airlifted to an unknown destination.

Security agents quickly rounded up journalists covering the event and ordered them to delete all pictures of Mohadi’s fall.

Former Zanu PF youth boss Tendai Chirau targeted journalists from the private media.

“Sorry this is not repression but if you come to our event we have a right to know what should go into the press,” Chirau said as he defended his actions.

Zanu PF secretary for security Lovemore Matuke played down the incident.

“Surely there is no story. It’s sugar diabetes,” he claimed.

Paradza said his boss was safe.

“My boss is safe l assure you,” he said.

It seems Mohadi was not well when he went to the podium before he went down.

Sources last night said Mohadi was recovering well, but in panic after the incident.

Mohadi, who resigned two years ago for allegedly having improper sexual relations with women, was reappointed to the post in September.

Mohadi was initially appointed vice president in 2018.

There have been reports of ill health among Zimbabwe’s top elites in government, some of whom are way past retirement age.

In 2015, the late president, Robert Mugabe, fell down a staircase as he left the podium after a speech.

In 2014, the late Zanu PF women’s league national secretary Shuvai Mahofa collapsed after spending two hours singing and dancing together with other top party officials while waiting for former first lady Grace Mugabe.

After the death of John Nkomo in 2013, then vice president, Mohadi was one of the Zapu members who openly contested for the post.

His bid, however, did not succeed as in 2014 as Mugabe appointed Emmerson Mnangagwa as his deputy.

In 2016, a video emerged on social media showing Mohadi attending a church service by Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

In the video, Bushiri promised Mohadi “the crown” and an end to his financial troubles.

In the video, Mohadi nodded “I receive, Man of God” several times.” – ZimLive

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