Chamisa dismisses Jonathan Moyo’s appointment report

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has termed the reports he appointed Professor Jonathan Moyo as his advisor bizarre lies.
Chamisa was responding to circulating stories that eh appointed Moyo to be his special political advisor.

Said Chamisa, “Crazy and bizarre lies. No such appointment has been. I wish I could. All key appointments of key and significant personalities in our society are made openly not secretly. I have not been to Joburg lately except at JHG airport in transit to destination outside SA.”

Exiled businessman Mutumwa Mawere said the state is afraid of Moyo, “Yet Prof Moyo scares many in government to allow for the gossip to be clothed with some credence. An inclusive voice holds a better promise than a commanded voice.”

Moyo wrote on Twitter that he has never been to South Africa since 2015.

“President Nelson Chamisa varakashi and poladists claim you appointed me your advisor when we allegedly met in Morningside in Joburg, SA the other week, reportedly on your return from Italy. Where’s the appointment? And I was last in SA in October 2015 when tragedy struck my family!”

Source – Byo24

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