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Alcohol riles dad

African descent man sitting drinking whiskey alcoholic addiction bad habit
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A MARANGE man who is fed up with his son’s drinking problem has approached the civil courts seeking reprieve.

Sekuru Samuel Kufanana appeared in court on Tuesday with his son, Paul Kufanana, whom he described as a drunkard who needs rehabilitation.

The father and son duo appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

A protection order which bars Paul from assaulting, insulting, harassing and disturbing his father’s peace, was granted in Sekuru Kufanana’s favour.

The protection order which is valid for five years also bars Paul from maliciously damaging his father’s property.

The elderly man told the court that his son abuses his wives, leaving him to take care of them.

“He is in the habit of abusing his wives. As a result, the wives leave him. So far, four women have left because of his abusive nature.

“Most of the time, the women leave long after Paul would have deserted them,” he said.

Sekuru Kufanana also told the court that whenever Paul gets drunk, he becomes violent.

“He assaults me and labels his mother a witch. He destroys doors and windows and refuses to repair them.

“I pray that the court orders him to stop drinking so that when he gets married again his wife will not leave him. Alcohol is the root cause of his problems. Maybe we can live peacefully if he stops drinking,” he said.

In response, Paul apologised to his father and the court.

“I try by all means to stop drinking, but I am failing. I also want a lasting marriage, but alcohol affects me,” he said.

He, however, refuted claims that he does not repair the property he would have damaged.

“I do break property at my parents’ home when I am drunk, but each time I break something, I make sure that I repair or replace it,” he said. – Manica post