La Liga threatens to take Chiyangwa to police

Philip Chiyangwa

La Liga have expressed their disappointed following revelations that ex-Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa misused the goods they donated for football development.

Chiyangwa is accused by Zifa of converting 1 080 soccer balls meant to kick-start a grassroots soccer development project in the country to his personal use.

La Liga representative in Africa Enrique Suay told NewsDay that they are ready to take legal action against Chiyangwa

“As La Liga we are concerned about this situation,” Suay said. “The purpose of the donated balls was to support the implementation of football developing projects in Zimbabwe which is something we really want to do.

“I say this in line with our objective to grow football at large.

“La Liga can confirm that a number of soccer balls were donated to Zifa in April 2018, for the development of the football community in Zimbabwe through the implementation of the #PassTheBall project.

“We are extremely disappointed with the recent allegations that have risen in regard to this donation and condemn such actions.

“If this donation ended up for other purposes, it would put us in a very unpleasant position as our intentions were completely different. At this stage we are communicating with Zifa in order to get more information on the topic.

“Our signed memorandum of understanding with them is very clear that in any instance of any behaviour that could be regarded as an offence, according to the provisions under the criminal laws of Spain, or Zimbabwe, that La Liga shall cooperate in so far as possible with the police and or court authorities to clarify the criminal liabilities arising out of the facts reported.

“In the case that the commented accusations were true, we will be saddened that our good intentions would have been tainted and our purpose to elevate grassroots soccer in Zimbabwe would have been derailed.

“Our objective is to work on different projects with Zifa, in order to develop the football industry at large, understanding that this is limited to certain personalities that are not involved with the current Zifa management. We are keen to keep working our relationship with Zifa,” Suay added.