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Masvingo Medical Directors wife sues for US$50 000

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Masvingo – Tatyana Shamhu, the wife of Masvingo Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Amadeus Shamhu has slapped her husbands alleged girlfriend Ancercaria Taderera with a US$50 000 lawsuit for adultery.

The Mirror has seen the documents in which Taderera of Mucheke in Masvingo is being dragged to court. The relationship is said is said to have started in 2011 when Tatyana who had cancer was going through chemotherapy.
Court documents indicate that adulterous affair started in 2011 and has resulted in two minor children.

Shamu and the plaintiff married in Ukraine in 1994 and renewed their vows in Zimbabwe in 2007. They are blessed with two sons.

Through her lawyers Chihambakwe Law Chambers, Tatyana is demanding US$30 000 for Contumelia (insulting language or treatment) and US$20 000 for loss of consortium (the impact an injury has on the relationship, companionship and support lost).

She is also demanding interest at the prescribed rate from the date of issue of summons to date of full payment and cost of suit at attorney client scale. Tatyana and Amadeuss marriage was solemnized in terms of Marriages Act Chapter 5.11 on July 26, 2007 in Masvingo.

Tatyana came to know of the affair in 2019 and confronted the pair who allegedly both admitted to the relationship. They had one child out of the affair at that time.

Tatyana then engaged Taderera who was their receptionist at Dr Shamhu surgery at Sisk Shopping Centre in Mucheke and advised her that she was legally married to Dr Shamhu in terms of the Marriages act Chapter 5:11 and she promised to end the affair, and further agreed to pay back all the money that was spent on her by Dr Shamhu.

However, despite several warnings, in 2021, Tatyana discovered that Taderera continued with the adulterous relationship with her husband and the two are still seeing each other and communicating secretly via social media WhatsApp platform on daily basis.

She further realized that they had another child. The two also allegedly organized birthdays for each other and occasionally go out as a family and even ventured into business together totally replacing Tatyana existence in her husbands life.

The continued adulterous relationship irked Tatyana who approached the courts of law for redress as she felt she has been injured, insulted and had lost her dignity and integrity in the society because the relationship is now well known in Masvingo and to Dr Shamhus relatives.

Taderera was served with the summons on March 23, 2022. Although the court date is yet to be set. Taderera through her lawyers Mutendi, Mudisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners, on April 4, 2022 entered an appearance to defend.