No, seriously. Who does that?

A bride was left fuming and in tears on her special day after her husband’s best man decided that he would be taking bets from wedding guests as to when the newly-wed couple might get a divorce.

The best man in question then took to Reddit to ask users whether or not he was wrong for placing bets on how long the couple would stay married. He justified his actions by explaining that the couple would receive the cash prize.

He also said that he thought it would be a “sweet and kind” gesture.

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But still.

This is what he wrote:

“This happened over the weekend and I feel pretty bad about how it went down, but my intentions were honorable here. I was the Best Man at my pal’s wedding.

“I got the idea to start up a bet and collect a pool from other people attending the wedding.

“The basic idea is that participants guess a year in which the couple will divorce and put in a certain amount of money (minimum bet $50), and IF they end up divorcing during that year whoever guessed that year wins the whole pot. […],” he wrote in his post explaining his actions.

Read the best man’s original post below.


He explains how during his best man speech he mentioned the betting pool, which immediately turned the bride from blushing to bawling in disbelief that someone would think such a thing is okay.

He also mentions that his best friend – the groom – was pretty upset too, and understandably so.

The post generated over five hundred responses with most people saying that this best man made a terrible decision by deciding to have a betting pool at the couples wedding, especially one about how long the wedding would last.