If you struggle to differentiate between love and lust chances are you’ll be caught in this situation more often than you would like. The burning question in your head is probably how do you separate love and lust? You’ll know it’s lust when the excitement you had two months ago isn’t there anymore. Love on the other hand doesn’t wear off. It’s a constant feeling that never changes over time.

You’ve changed as a person

Human behaviour and interests change all the time especially as you grow older. Your lack of interest could also just be because you grew and realised he’s not the man you want. The both of you might want different things in life hence you need to go separate ways.

A change in priorities

At first you might have been the woman who put your relationship on top of everything else. But, in the process of finding yourself, you might place your focus on other things such as your hobbies, family or career. It’s only natural that you’ll lose interest if your partner has taken a back seat.

You’ve met someone else

Meeting someone else who makes you much happier than your current man can be a very uncomfortable feeling. And no matter how much you try brushing it away, you can’t help but want to be with the other man. Unfortunately this is all on you. The best way to solve this is to call it quits before dating someone else.

Commitment phobe, maybe?

Not everyone is cut out for commitment and you could be one of those people. You get into relationships thinking you’re in it for the long haul but overtime you get restless because naturally you’re always seeking greener pastures. – W24