ZAPU-Democratic Front Talks: partners denounce leaking of information

[In photo is Mr N Sibanda (FJCZ), Mr ZD Peresu (FJCZ), Mr Mabuka and Mr Dlamini (ZAPU)]

Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe Party (FJCZ) would like to clarify that the recent publication on tiltled “Another political alliance set to be launched in Bulawayo” where it is reported that we have formed an Alliance with ZAPU Democratic front as speculative and false.

The truth of the matter is that did have two marathon meetings to deliberate on the possibility of forming an Alliance with ZAPU. Our first meeting was attended by ZAPU Chair Mr I Mabuka and their Organising Secretary Mr Dlamini whilst FJCZ.was represented by Mr Z.Peresu the Interim National Spokesman accompanied by the Interim Bulawayo Spokesperson and Acting Deputy National Spokesperson Mr.N.Sibanda.

Both parties deliberated on the possibility of uniting for 2018 Elections and the FJCZ representatives made it categorically clear that the whole process would be based on a consultative process with our party leadership and membership. The second round talks were held on the 13th February 2018.  FJCZ was represented by the same officials whilst ZAPU was represented by their Chairperson and Secretary General.Mr.S Mkandla.It is during the second meeting that we realised that our ZAPU counterparts did not seem to appreciate the meaning of an Alliance as they demanded that any conditions should include using their party name and bull symbol as a pre-condition for any agreement.

We found such demands rather dictatorial and suppressing the rights and freedom of choice as expected of any democratic process. This meant that we could not agree to the terms and postponed the engagement until 16 February 2018.

We are rather suprised,that such confidential discussion with ZAPU has been leaked to local press at such a premature.stage of negotiations which were yet to be finalised and cemented. We as a young and democratic party that believes in transparency and accountability strongly distance ourselves from the proposed Alliance due to their lack of a clearly articulated framework that embraces all partners as equals without any advantage being used based on any assumed historical references.

We do respect ZAPU as liberation political party and acknowledge Dr Dumiso Dabengwa’s past and current contribution to both the liberation and post independence fight for democracy, however believe serving Zimbabwe should not be based on any culture of entitlement nor the imposition of leaders in any unification process as seems to be the case with our current efforts to engage them in terms of working together.
Yours Sincerely
Mr Z D Peresu
Interim National Spokesperson
on behalf of
FJCZ Coalition/Alliance Engagement Team
Mobile ZWE :+263 77 386 9888

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