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Two popular Zanu PF candidates stand as independents in Gutu

The late Christopher Mutonhori
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MASVINGO – In probably the worst division for the ruling party in many years, Zanu PF has fielded two independent candidates in Gutu’s four constituencies.
Both candidates emerged after the party’s hierarchy imposed their candidates against primary election results.

The candidates are George Vhengere in Gutu East and Mutonho Mutonho in Gutu West. Vhengere won the Zanu PF elections with a wide margin but was displaced to allow Benjamin Ganyani, who lost.

A party spokesperson said Vhengere got disqualified because his transfer papers from another constituency were not in order.
Mutonho, a popular candidate, was also barred from standing after receiving a suspension letter just before the ruling party’s primaries. He now stands in the elections using the Independent 4ED Logo.

The two Zanu PF candidates in Gutu East will face Gift Gonese of the CCC. Mutonho in Gutu West faces incumbent legislator and party’s national youth league deputy secretary John Paradza.
Analysts said the division in Zanu PF greatly enhances CCC’s chances of grabbing the constituencies and diminishes Zanu PF’s opportunities even in their proportional representatives.

Two weeks ago, several Zanu PF members in Gutu East were arrested after they rebelled against party secretary for security, Lovemore Matuke and outgoing Deputy Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Simbanegavi, who tried to cajole supporters at Chinyika Business Center in Ward 10 into supporting Ganyiwa. The supporters jeered and insulted Simbanegavi. The next day they were arrested and spent a night in the cells before they were taken to court.

Tafadzwa Dhererai Shumba also filed as an independent in Mwenezi West. The party’s candidate is the outgoing legislator Priscilla Moyo. Brilliant Chipfumo is contesting on a CCC ticket.

Party Provincial spokesperson Pepukai Chiwewe said those who contested as independents are no longer part of the party.
He also said that independent candidates are not allowed to campaign under the Zanu PF banner or merely use President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pictures and slogans.

“By going independent, one has cut off all ties with the party, and we will not allow them to use the party’s mantra or include our president in the campaign,” he added.
“Vhengere was disqualified because his transfer papers had irregularities. I don’t have the documentation to tell you where he was transferring from,” said Chiwewe.
Vhengere asked this reporter to call him after an hour when contacted for a comment.  – Masvingo Mirror