Mzembi labels Mnangagwa vindictive

Exiled former minister and leader of the People’s Party Walter Mzembi has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of declaring opposition voices as enemies of the State and in the process trampling on democracy.

Mzembi, one of the G40 members who fled Zimbabwe after the 2017 coup said Mnangagwa had effectively banned the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance by blocking their planned activities.

“Mnangagwa  should revoke his designation of citizens  ‘as enemies of the State’ first . Opposing a President is not treasonous in South Africa  Cyril Ramaphosa politically coexists with Julius Malema,” said Mzembi.

“They are not designated as  ‘enemies of the State’ by a sitting President . We have it on record not once but many times . Chamisa is taking time to understand that just like  NDP in 1961 his MDC is now banned . Who does Khupe or Nkosana  threaten?”

Mzembi called on Mnangagwa to revoke the designation which he described as medieval.

“It is not criminal or treasonous to have an opposing view to a sitting President, am counselling tolerance here,” he said.

According to reports, Mnangagwa has targeted political opponents seizing their properties and coming up with trumped up criminal charges against them.

Two G40 members Jonathan Moyo and Robert Zhuwawo have approached the courts seeking to block lands minister July Moyo  from seizing their farms on the pretext that they were not being productive.

Source – Byo24