MDC reveals plans to torpedo Zanu PF regime

MDC Secretary-General Charlton Hwende says the party is committed to using democratic means to remove ZANU PF from power and they will not engage in violent activities.

Speaking to Open Parly Zimbabwe Hwende said, “We are a democratic party and we believe in non-violence. We will continue to put pressure on ZANU PF using every non-violent and democratic strategy at our disposal. What is required to defeat ZANU PF is unity of purpose among all the suffering citizens.”

Hwende also said citizens must support the fight against ZANU PF because the democratic path was not only an MDC cause.

“This is not an MDC Alliance struggle. Its every struggle for every suffering citizen. So stop watching from the terraces and do your part to put pressure on the regime. Together we can defeat this dictatorship. The national democratic struggle does not need guns or violence.”

Source – Byo24