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Bishop Mwazha says he stands with ZANU PF

Mnangagwa adressing church congregation
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CHIRIMHANZU – President Emmerson Mnangagwa says while the onus to rebuild the country is upon Zimbabweans themselves, peace and unity, values which are also preached by the church are critical in the rebuilding the economy.

President Mnangagwa said this when he addressed thousands of the Apostolic church in Africa members who are gathered at the Ndarikure Tabernacle in Chirumhanzu for their camp meeting.

Reading from books of the bible that included Mark and Jeremiah, President Mnangagwa took some time to delve into the word sharing with the congregants, speaking about peace and unity.

“I was in Mudzi yesterday and I saw a lot of people. But what I have seen here today, I have never seen before.  If I knew you’re a lot like this, I would always be here. I said earlier on, a country is built by its owners. As a church you teach morals, unity and peace. When we say we build our nation, we are saying we can’t expect other nations to do that for us,” said the President.

The country has the resources, namely land, water and the people and hence the President rallied the nation to systematically work together in rebuilding the nation.

“We need land, we need water and people so that we feed our nation. It is brick upon brick, stone upon stone; not bricks upon bricks. Even when you walk it is one step at a time.”

President Mnangagwa also spoke about elections and how the party has the support of the church.

“There is going to be time to vote – Bishop Mwazha said he stands with ZANU PF and said let’s vote for a party whose history we know, not a party that gets instructions from other quarters outside the country,” said President Mnangagwa.

While calling on the church members to pray for the country, President Mnangagwa called on congregants who came from other African countries to carry the message that Zimbabwe is open for business.

“As you go back, tell the world that Zimbabwe is open for business including Christianity. Under my leadership, the church can preach freely.”

The church serves as the moral compass for society hence the calls by President Mnangagwa for members to continue inculcating values like respect and leadership among the youths.