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AFDB to support Parliament’s oversight functions, strengthen governance and accountability

Jacob Mudenda
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THE African Development Bank (AFDB) says it will continue supporting the Zimbabwean government’s different sectors’ initiatives in its endeavor to strengthen governance and accountability.

Addressing Parliament Speaker Jacob Mudenda and Senate president Marbel Chinomona in Harare, Monday, AFDB Zimbabwe’s chief officer in charge Belinda Chesire said the bank will seek areas in which to intervene to optimise the effectiveness of its support, remaining committed to helping Zimbabwe’s transition to an upper middle-class economy by 2030.

AFDB handed over two minibuses to Parliament worth over US$106 000.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe engaged United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for procurement services while the AFDB sourced and provided funds for the minibuses’ purchase by the UN agency.

“In collaboration with other development partners, the Bank Group will continue supporting efforts to build capacity regarding Parliament’s oversight role and deepen dialogue as concerns the need to align laws to the constitution.

“This will be attained through enhancing the mobilisation of revenue and improving fiscal discipline and enhancing oversight by parliamentary, auditing and procurement authorities.

“As AFDB,  we are honoured to be handing over two minibuses valued at US$106 000 to the Parliament of Zimbabwe,” Chesire said.

Over the years, AfDB has established itself as a pivotal partner in the development efforts of Zimbabwe’s

The bank’s involvement backdates to the Strengthening Institutions for Transparency and Accountability (SITA) project which ran from 2016 to 2019.

The AfDB provided substantial funding amounting to US$2.3 million for this project, which played a vital role in bolstering the achievement of the 8th Parliament’s strategic objectives.

Notably, the project catalysed the establishment of a Parliamentary Training Academy.

This feat was achieved through meticulous feasibility studies and the development of comprehensive training modules.

Another, Tax and Accountability Enhancement Project (TAEP) with UA $7,600,000.00, the TAEP (2020-2024) is geared towards enhancing domestic resource mobilization, public sector accountability, and integrity.

The project focuses on modernizing tax and revenue management systems, bolstering oversight functions through improved capacity, and effective project management.

Institutional Support Project for Governance and Public Finance Management (ISPGPFM) project with a budget of US$1,096,905.00 allocated to Parliament, aiming to strengthen public debt management, fiduciary oversight, and accountability.

This project prioritizes improving public debt management strategies, enhancing the public procurement system, and empowering the Parliament’s oversight role.

The Support to Arrears Clearance and Governance (SACAGE) project envisages enhancing arrears clearance, sustainable debt management, and governance oversight.

In acceptance of the delivery of the minibuses, the Speaker said it was an opportune time for the presentation to Parliament as staff and parliamentarians will benefit from the donation.

Said Mudenda, “Very soon we will be moving to New Parliament Building. This donation is very critical element in the function of our Parliament.

“Soon, we expect a high turnover of MPs after the elections. Quite a sizeable with different backgrounds and achievements will be sworn in. They will need support in various ways and this AFDB contribution goes a long way in capacitating them.”

Mudenda reiterated that Parliament has to be sustained to achieve peace through the rule of law.

Some of the projects funded so far by the bank include the Rehabilitation of Kariba Dam, Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services improvement project, Cyclone Idai Emergency Recovery and Resilience programme, Alaska-Karoi Powerline and a facility with the Central Africa Building Society (CABS).