ZEC calls for laws that punishes people who descredits the electoral body

ZEC Spokesperson, Commissioner Jasper Mangwana

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has called for a legal framework that punishes individuals and organisations that seek to discredit the commission and electoral processes.

Accusations and counter accusations have characterised the electoral processes for many years, with individuals and organisations behind the onslaught on ZEC in most cases failing to provide evidence for their claims.

ZEC Spokesperson, Commissioner Jasper Mangwana says his organisation is committed to principles of accountability, but that should be complimented with a law punishing those making false accusations about the commission and electoral processes.

He was speaking on ZBC News Current Affairs programme, Face the Nation this Tuesday.

“We have been asking to be able to register and regulate these political parties because some of these unfounded allegations that ZEC didn’t do anything, but the moment you become like any other EMB South Africa. If you raise false issues they will take like 5000 votes before you get into an election, we would something like that. This is because if you raise such false allegations, you must prove it,” Mangwana said.

Mr Mangwana also gave a review of the just ended by-elections.

“We have been very happy with the 26th of March by-elections. there were some rains, so the logistical part got tricky, but overally, it was on point.”

The 26 March by-elections were used by political parties as a dressed rehearsal for next year’s general elections.

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