Mnangagwa to form coalition government with MDC

HARARE – Highly placed sources from Harare have indicated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is vetting MDC MPs who are under consideration to form a quasi-government of national unity.

Insiders from the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation’s National security department known as Branch 5 who spoke to this reporter have indicated that there is an internal process which is underway and is being kept a closely guarded secret to do background checks and ensure that the MDC candidates handpicked to be part of the cabinet will accept the appointments.

The source said, “Number 1 is a man who comes from an intelligence background and all his political moves and steps are from a position of intelligence. You need to understand who Emmerson Mnangagwa is by training in order to decipher his moves. His moves come from a counter Intelligence strength and his political plays are very complicated yet effective.”

The source revealed that Emmerson Mnangagwa had taken heed of his intelligence analysts who had told him to start preparing a form of government of national unity as well as implement political reforms in order to get much needed multilateral support for Zimbabwe’s economy.

The reports allege that the appointment of James Maridadi to the position of Ambassador was a sign of goodwill which sought to open up channels of communication between Chamisa and Mnangagwa.

Those reported to be undergoing the process of vetting (whether knowingly or not) are said to include Joanna Mamombe, Fortune Daniel Molokele Mguni, and two other unnamed MDC MPs.

The MDC MPs will be incorporated into a quasi-government of national unity will be expected to table and support a motion in parliament which seeks to relieve General Constantine Chiwenga of his duties due to ill health in accordance with the constitutional provision section 97.

The source added that President Mnangagwa was already moving to remind hardliners where power lies in government and where their loyalties should be, and this was happening with the help of the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission.

Source – Byo24