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Man rapes girlfriend’s 2 daughters

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A DANGAMVURA woman who tried to sweep under the carpet the ruthless sexual abuse of her two daughters by her boyfriend has been arrested on obstruction of justice charges.

The woman who cannot be named as this will automatically reveal the identity of the two complainants — aged eight and 11 years — did the unthinkable when she first reported the rape cases to the police after she caught her boyfriend in bed with the younger complainant but later changed goal posts after she was promised marriage.

Following the police report, medical examinations that were done on the minors confirmed that they had been sexually abused.

However, the alleged rapist boyfriend (37) sweet-talked the complainants’ mother to drop the charges and in return he promised to pay lobola to her parents to formalise their marriage.

The woman bought the idea and she suddenly became uncooperative and frustrated investigations. 

In a bid to outsmart police officers who were following up the rape cases, the couple connived and  took the two complainants and relocated from Gimboki where the abuses were perpetrated, and went on to stay with the minors in Hobhouse.

However, following a tip-off police officers managed to arrest the two at their new place of residence as they were about to retire to bed on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning the boyfriend was taken to Gimboki by detectives to do some crime scene indications at the house where he allegedly raped the two girls on countless occasions.

The two were expected to appear in court soon.

Circumstances were that sometime in May, when the juveniles’ mother had gone to work, the boyfriend allegedly entered into the girls’ room wielding a knife.

He raped the 11-year-old girl before pouncing on her sister.

After committing abuses he threatened them with unspecified action if the divulged the case to anyone.

On September 11, the mother came from work and caught her husband raping the eight-year-old girl.

In a fit of rage upon realising that he had been caught, he charged at the mother and ordered her to move out of the house before giving her a thorough hiding.

He then fled from the scene.