City lawyer in forex deals storm

STOP me if you can!

A prominent Bulawayo lawyer Tinashe Runganga of Tanaka Law Chambers has been sucked into an illegal foreign currency dealings storm after he was dragged to court by a local businessman for unruly behaviour while under the influence of alcohol in a city building.

This was revealed in court papers by businessman Tavengwa Zidya where he is seeking a protection order barring Runganga from entering his building situated along George Silundika and 10th Avenue.

Zidya runs Vaiton Refrigeration and Sidays Investments.

“The Applicant conducts business out of premises known as Shop Number 1 at No. 105A G. Silundika Street between 10 and 11th Avenue and on various occasions including on 11, 12, 14 and 16 March 2020 I have observed the Respondent entering the shop, which the Applicant carries on the business of a hair salon. While inside the premises, the Respondent has socialised with persons inside the shop and further consumed alcohol, which he would have brought from outside, presumably at the nearby bottle store.

“I have further observed that while inside the premises, he will be engaging in illegal foreign currency transactions,” reads part of the affidavit.

Tinashe Runganga the lawyer embroiled in alleged shady forex dealings

Zidya in his court papers states that Runganga was not allowed into the shop to conduct illegal foreign currency dealings and consume alcohol.

The businessman also attached video footage of the lawyer, on two separate occasions, making a mess of the area outside the shop on the pavement.

“I hereby attach footage of the Respondent washing a motor vehicle in the parking area and his conduct is unlawful as it leaves the place including the pavement, in an unsightly and unsanitary manner and is a nuisance to us and our customers.

“I wish to place it on record that we have been advised by the municipal authorities that as occupiers of the premises are responsible for keeping the premises and their environs in a state of cleanliness,” said Zidya.

He also states that the Respondent’s conduct was deliberately designed to provoke him and cause a breach of peace.

“When I approached him about his conduct of washing his motor vehicle in the parking area, he became confrontational and said I was ‘spoiled’ and challenged me to ‘touch’ him whereafter I would ‘see’. He was adamant that he was entitled to his conduct because my business premises did not extend to the pavement and the parking area adjacent to our premises,” added the businessman.

The case will be heard at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts on 15 June.