Nyajena woman goes blind after using Chinese dye

A woman from Bararadzamwa Village in Nyahombe Nyajena under Chief Shindi cannot see after she used Chinese-made dye on her hair.

The incident happened on Christmas Day and Pride Masvinge’s head started swelling immediately after applying the substance until her eyelids closed. She had a terrible headache after applying the dye by following instructions on the paper. She also had sores on the head.

Masvinge called The Mirror appealing for assistance to go and see a doctor after she saw no improvement following treatment from a local clinic.

She said that she bought the chemical at Nyahombe Business Centre and it was not her first time to apply it to her hair.
Masvinge who spoke to The Mirror again today said she still has not regained her eyesight. Her husband quickly cut the hair but that did not help.

‘’After using the dye, my head and eyes became swollen and I lost my eyesight. I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me. I was taken to a nearby clinic where I was given painkillers and was told to visit the doctor in Masvingo if the condition persists,” she said.

Masvinge said her husband is unemployed and she is therefore appealing for assistance to see a doctor. She is nursing
a six-month baby. – Masvingo Mirror

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