Wheat farmers urged to speed up harvesting ahead of rainy season

A combine harvester offloads wheat grain into a truck during a harvest at a farm in Bindura about 88 kilometres north east of the capital Harare, Monday, October 10, 2022 (Image: ZimLive)

HARARE – Wheat farmers have been urged to expedite harvesting of their winter crop ahead of the onset of the rainy season next week.

In a statement, the Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development ministry said the warning was meant to save the crop from potential risks posed by a lot of rain.

“Zimbabwe is expected to receive rains in the first week of November,” said the ministry.

“In light of this development, all wheat farmers are being advised to expedite harvesting of their winter crop by all means available.



“Please get in touch with your cluster leadership to organize and schedule combine harvesters and grain drying services immediately to save the winter crop.”

The warning follows another directive by ministry secretary Obert Jiri who said recently that farmers should delay harvesting the crop stating as the rains that were being experienced in the previous week did not mean the start of the season.

“Unless a farmer has access to drying facilities, no harvesting is advisable until the moisture content is in the acceptable range,” he said then.

Last year, Zimbabwe recorded the highest wheat harvest since production of the cereal in 1966.

The country recorded surplus after harvesting 375,000 tonnes.

The yield was higher than the domestic requirement of 360,000 tonnes. – ZimLive

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