Why doesn’t Jay Z use social media?

Jay Z

The husband of Beyonce, Jay Z is one of the most influential hip hop artistes in the world and is famous not only for his songs, but for the records produced by him, his business endeavours, and…

Jay Z: just the name invokes a sense of awe. The husband of Beyonce, Jay Z is one of the most influential hip hop artistes in the world and is famous not only for his songs, but for the records produced by him, his business endeavours, and his songwriting.

The 51-year-old star, born Shawn Corey Carter, has earned praise such as “the greatest rapper of all time”, and he made news in 2019 for becoming hip hop’s first billionaire, as the combination of all his business endeavours is now valued at around that amount. As well as his own businesses, he has invested in companies like Uber and liquor brands. He also runs the Shawn Carter Foundation which aims to help at risk youth increase their opportunities in life.

The rapper lives in Bridgehampton with Beyonce and their three children, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter.

Indeed, it looks like they have a picture-perfect life. But, while Beyonce has an Instagram account with 161 million followers, you won’t find any trace of Jay Z on the app or any other social media. I know what you’re thinking – “If I were Jay Z, I’d be shouting about it to the world!”

Well, Funkmaster Flex, another famous American hip hop DJ, has described why Jay Z doesn’t use social media.

An interview with Funkmaster Flex

Flex reported “You know what JAY does? He watches social media from a fake page.”

He then went on to state how Jay Z considered social media to be a tool used by people who can’t speak up in real life. He doesn’t like the “fake” side of social media and does not wish to be a part of a community that is not their authentic self.

However, Flex went on to describe Jay Z as a very sensitive person. He couldn’t deal with hate comments, Flex said in his interview, although he described these comments as “telling the truth”.

So, it looks like Jay Z simply can’t accept any hate and does so by blocking all social media. But is there any reason why he should feel this way? What hate comments could he receive that make him so sensitive?

Jay Z’s life isn’t perfect – and plenty of people know it

Despite it looking like Jay Z lives a life of dreams, there is plenty that he doesn’t want people commenting on. The man himself has called him a “pretty big, almost professional gambler” before (source:Digital Spy). While he has more than enough money to gamble away, his losses at the gambling table are pretty high – there are rumours that he’s lost as much money as $500,000 in a single poker hand. This would be ok if it’s just happened once or twice, but Jay Z seems to lose a lot of money playing poker or other games quite frequently – which certainly points to some sort of gambling problem.

Furthermore, there has been some trouble in paradise for Jay Z and Beyonce throughout the years. He hasadmitted to cheating on Beyonce before – while they have claimed that it helped them address issues in their marriage, cheating isn’t something the public forgets, especially when it’s with somebody like Beyonce.

Beyonce is a universally loved character with millions of fans all over the world, and perhaps Jay Z couldn’t cope with comments and DMs suggesting that she deserves better than him.

And even the most liked stars are not immune to troll comments. Although these comments are often completely untrue, they can still be upsetting and hurtful. If Jay Z has sensitivity issues anyway, it’s unsurprising that he might want to avoid being targeted with comments about his personal life, his career, and his family.


There are a few reasons why Jay Z may feel too insecure about putting his life online. He might not want anyone to draw attention to his past cheating and gambling problems or just be fully aware that a man as famous as him is likely to draw troll comments.

Of course, Jay Z doesn’t owe us anything – it’s his decision whether he wants to share his life on Instagram, and he has opted to be more private. He does use social media but does so from a completely anonymous side account.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll see any Instagram stories from Jay Z anytime soon, but you can at least join Beyonce’s massive group of followers to keep up to date with what she is up to!

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