WATCH: Drake’s son Adonis makes cute music debut on ‘My Man Freestyle’

Drake and son Adonis Graham. Picture: INSTAGRAM/champagnepapi

Adonis is rocking the scene with his heart-melting freestyle in one of Drake’s freshest tracks from the “For All The Dogs” album.

Apart from creating the album art, this music video is oozing cuteness and you might find yourself very broody as a result.

The song was released after his father reached the number one spot on the Billboard chart with his recent album.

The music video sees Adonis Graham shooting hoops with his buddies and effortlessly spitting bars.

While some might raise eyebrows at the concept, it’s a heartening reminder that he’s just a kid being himself, perfectly in line with the song’s lyrics.

“I was playing on my iPad and I broke my iPad, I am going to my house, see my dad. I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change. I’m playing basketball.”

Of course, Drake couldn’t be prouder and wrote: “Happy birthday, my son… MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW.”


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I must say, it’s giving off adorable daddy vibes, a clear demonstration of the apple not falling far from the tree.

“My Man Freestyle already double platinum💿 in the skreets,” wrote one.

While another wrote: “He coming for that crown 👑 happy birthday kiddo.”

Looks like Adonis might be snatching Drake’s crown in time.

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