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GMB Disburses US$3.29 Million to Farmers for Grain Deliveries

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Harare, Zimbabwe – In a positive development for Zimbabwean farmers, the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has disbursed US$3.29 million to farmers for maize and other grains delivered to its depots since the beginning of April this year. This announcement was made in a press statement released yesterday by GMB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Edison Badarai, dated June 13, 2024.

Dr. Badarai emphasized that the Treasury is committed to consistently releasing funds to ensure timely payments to farmers. “GMB advises all its valued farmers and stakeholders that this week, a payment of US$3.29 million was made to farmers who delivered maize and other grains from April 1, 2024,” he stated.

Encouraging Deliveries and Ensuring Timely Payments

In his statement, Dr. Badarai encouraged farmers to continue delivering their maize and other grains, assuring them that payments would be made within 21 days. The GMB outlined the current market prices per tonne: US$390 for maize and traditional grains, US$696 for sunflower (split into US$418 and ZiG equivalent to US$278), and US$580 for soybeans (split into US$348 and ZiG equivalent to US$232).

Detailed Pricing Structure

The detailed pricing structure provided by the GMB includes:

  • Maize and traditional grains at US$390 per tonne.
  • Sunflower at US$696 per tonne, with US$418 paid in foreign currency and US$278 in local currency at the interbank rate.
  • Soybeans at US$580 per tonne, with US$348 paid in foreign currency and US$232 in local currency at the interbank rate.

Additionally, maize and traditional grains producer prices are set at US$335 per tonne, split into US$200 in foreign currency and US$135 in local currency. For soybeans, the floor producer price is pegged at US$580 per tonne, with farmers receiving US$348 in foreign currency plus US$232 in local currency. Sunflower producers receive US$418 in foreign currency and US$278 in local currency at the interbank rate.

GMB Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Nixon Kanyemba confirmed that payments for maize and traditional grains are exclusively made in United States dollars.

Commitment to Food Security

The Government remains committed to sustaining national food security through progressive and practical interventions. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) Secretary General Mr. Paul Zakariya urged the GMB to ensure preparedness for all marketing seasons and timely payments to farmers.

“It is important for GMB to ensure they are ready for each and every marketing season so that they pay farmers timeously to enable them to prepare for fresh seasons,” commented Mr. Zakariya.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) President Dr. Shadreck Makombe echoed the sentiment, stressing the importance of prompt payments. Dr. Makombe noted that timely payments are crucial for achieving food security and bumper harvests to fill the Strategic Grain Reserves (SGRs). “If the country wants to achieve food security and bumper harvests to fill the strategic grain reserves, then farmers must be paid immediately after delivering produce to empower them to fund their operations effectively,” he added.

The GMB’s recent payment and its assurance of consistent future payments represent a significant step towards supporting farmers and ensuring Zimbabwe’s food security.

Source: Herald