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Joy TV returns

ZBC CEO, Mr Patrick Mavhura
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The ZBC has announced the re-birth of Joy TV in the first quarter of 2019, declaring that the development is testimony that the national broadcaster is open to any partnerships, as long as they are mutually beneficial.

31 May 2002 saw one of the main attractions on national television, Joy TV, going off air. With its demise, went erstwhile popular programmes such as Sunset Beach.

However, with the coming in of the new dispensation, all this is set to change for the better.

ZBC CEO, Mr Patrick Mavhura said brighter days are coming.

This recent partnership, which will most certainly complement ZBC’s programming, comes at a time when ZBC is preparing for digital switch over and will see that national broadcaster introducing additional 6 television channels. Set to be launched within the first quarter of 2019, Joy TV will run as a 24 hour family entertainment channel that will air local and foreign content. The channel will air a wide variety of genres that will include but not limited to current affairs programming, sitcoms, series, movies, reality shows, talk shows, game shows, travel and tourism and wildlife among others,” said Mr Mavhura.

Joy TV Incorporated representative, Kushinga Makamba said there is a bottomless pit of talent in Zimbabwe just waiting to be tapped to provide 24-hour riveting entertainment on the small screen.

Starting next week, Joy TV Incorporated will be going around Zimbabwe meeting content producers and spreading the good tidings.