Chamisa to be quarantined

Zimbabwe will not survive the Corona virus if God allows it to ravage our beautiful country. It is painful that some idiots are literally hoping that the virus be found in Zimbabwe. We have insane people who actually think it’s fashionable to have the virus in Zimbabwe.

The president of MDC A Nelson Chamisa visited Wilkins hospital to see and assess the virus. He grabbed a chance to publicise his dying party through the Corona virus. This a contagious virus which can not be used for political gains. It is however not a suprise that the drama  queen Nelson Chamisa jumps to any thing for his own glory. Remember he highjacked Tsvangirai’s funeral to grab power. He tried to highjack Oliver Mutukudzi’s funeral for his own benefit. His last stance with the Corona virus is irresponsible. This is the man who rushed to Chimanimani during cyclone Idai and he never went back to date. He just went with Mikoro to take photos and exploit the situation to his advantage. The time for acting is over Corona virus is real. MDC A must find time to term their wild cat in Chamisa. Chamisa is not the only one who is not taking the virus lightly. There are hoards of people who are literally praying for the virus to settle in Zimbabwe. They are hoping to find some political gains from this epidemic. Some think that the failure to contain the virus will expose ZANU PF and show that it has failed. This disease is natural and not political. It does not respect gender or political affiliation. It is a disaster.

People must realise that after decades of sanctions, mismanagement and corruption, Zimbabwe is in economic trouble. It will not be able to stand the vicious effects of the Corona virus. We must cry loudly if that day comes. Zimbabwe struggles with Cholera over five thousand people died of cholera in Zimbabwe. There was no family or street which was not touched by the cholera epidemic. This time Zimbabweans are groaning under economic curse.  They are poor and hungry and can not make ends meet. In a country that was once among Africa’s most industrialised, electricity is a very rare occurrence if it comes it will be for only a few hours a night. Industries , companies factories and bakeries are only but the shadows of their former selves. Water has become a thing of the past life in Zimbabwe is a struggle and indeed the country is on its knees. With all this suffering in the country of plenty some people celebrate the problems of the nation by wishing that the Corona virus be found in Zimbabwe. Myopic people believe that the Zimbabwean government can be removed by a mere virus.
Countries with stronger economies are on their knees now so how can ZIMBABWE stand.

Zimbabweans are no longer enjoying the quality of life, their sleeping partner has changed. Now there is this virus hovering above the nation and we have some people who think Corona virus is meant for the elite. No it will touch all it will touch you and me. Every Zimbabwean has been turned to become a night worker people wake up in the middle of the night to cook or iron their shirts or just to charge their phones or other electric gadgets. What time would they wake up to cater for the stricken.

Water no longer runs down the water pipes. People have resorted to boreholes for fresh water.

We thank God for smiling over Zimbabwe.  Most of the borehole waters are sixty percent row sewage. The boreholes are sunk in towns the ever blocking sewage always sips in the soil and finds its way in the water tables and finally the raw sewage is found in the kitchens of almost all Urban dwellers. The situation in Zimbabwe is best described as dog’s breakfast. Tendai Biti, an opposition MP and former finance minister, complains that life has gone back to colonial times: “I’m washing in a bucket, my friend, as if it is Southern Rhodesia in 1923.” But he forgot to say he is the one who made a trip of shame to America to beg for sanctions against Zimbabwe. Biti has the mentality that if its not him no one can have it. He is like a bully herding cattle. Who sets the cows in someone’s field because he has not been given his lunch. Or the boywho runs away with the football because his team has lost. The opposition has played a greater role in the suffering of the ordinary Zimbabweans.  Now with the remaining industries being forced to close down our fragile economy will be dragged down the drain. Zimbabwe will be doubly hit if this Corona ravages Zimbabwe we are doomed.

To make things worse for Zimbabwe the country has faced a severe drought and the rains came very late. But the real problem is corruption and the failure to prosecute those suspected of corruption. Illicit money traders on the streets of Harare have substituted the banks.  People will have no money for medical treatment. There is no budget put aside for this Corona Virus. Measures which are announced can not be standing alone. Zimbabwe needs funding for this problem. Banking system has collapsed and the mattress bank has taken over. So stringent rules must be put in place in order to make the impact of the Corona Virus manageable.

Zimbabwe reached comic book levels of inflation in 2008, when hyperinflation became well established at a peak of 79.6 billion percent. After completely wiped out the value of the local currency, Zimbabwe effectively “dollarized” and switched to different currencies such as the dollar and the South African rand.

Corona virus will predictably exacerbate already existing shortages and further hastened Zimbabwe’s economic debacle.

Zimbabwe’s vaunted agricultural sector will experience a notable implosion, as food shortages will be worsened and will be a burden on agriculture.

The Corona virus road will not be a walk in the park given that rich countries are on their knees. Although Zimbabwe has left the realm of hyperinflation, it continues to have structural problems that impede market reforms.

This is often the case in developing countries, where the succeeding government despite all its promises and vows to break free from the preceding government’s corruption ends up breaking down because of incompetence and corruption in its ranks.

A large portion of high-ranking officials in Zimbabwe have been instructed in these schools of thought at Western universities abroad where strange ideas are being fully implemented to the detriment of the realistic economic policies. However, many developing countries are fertile soil for destructive policies and this has destroyed our economy. Widespread wealth gaps between the politically connected haves and the disconnected have-nots, general ignorance about the implications of interventionism among the public, and a predatory political class that is shielded from popular backlash makes these countries susceptible to mass intervention. When the West can’t implement some of its economically illiterate ideas at home, it finds willing importers in the developing world.

Zimbabwe must from now on have a ministry dedicated to national disasters and set aside funds in times like this.

Suffice to say, nothing short of an economic darkness awaits us. Based on what President Mnangagwa has come out it does seem that Zimbabwe is actually serious about making tough measures to prevent or contain this virus. But the stubbornness of the opposition and the bankruptcy in reasoning will drag us dipper in the mud.

The country bleeds and both the opposition and ruling party members a busy fattening their pockets. Zimbabwe deserves better it can not remain in the doldrums of poverty for this long. We need a better country better policies better nation. We need to work together regardless of our political beliefs. We need to remain united against this disease. This is not the times to grand stand. We need marturity and reason. Zimbabwe needs that unity of purpose now. Italy is in morning. Zimbabwe must be very afraid. This is not the time to play politics. Oh Father God Forgive for Zimbabwe will not stand she is already weak and in serious pains.

Source – Dr Masimba Mavaza