Where is Mary Chiwenga?

Mary Chiwenga

Mary Chiwenga the wife of the ailing Vice President General Constantino Nyikadzino Dominic Chiwenga has not appeared in public for a few months now since it was revealed that she is suffering from the same sickness that is affecting her husband.

On Monday the Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba issued a statement saying General Chiwenga was airlifted to China where he will be attended by doctors from Zimbabwe, China, India and South Africa.

When this reporter contacted Mary’s public mobile number to ascertain whether she is recovering, the number was diverting to voice mail.

A source in Harare who spoke to this publication said while Mary might have kept a low profile she is not well and has been at the bedside of her husband since he was airlifted to South Africa.

In 2018, Mary gave an exclusive interview to the Daily News where she expressed worry on why Zimbabweans were concerning themselves with their health as a couple.

“Why are people concerned about my health in that way?” She said. “I have these bandages but my hands are no longer swollen and I feel fine.

“I even go to work and I even drive but you would not expect the effects to disappear like that. Chiwenga is taking care of me and I am taking care of him.”

In 2017 General Chiwenga told a funeral gathering that they became sick with a strange ailment during the bloody November 2017 coup that ended 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s iron rule.

He said he was helped by some Roman Catholic sisters to ease the pain. The Vice President ahs been in and out hospital since taking over power.

In 2018 a South African based Clergyman Pastor Alph  Lukau prophesied that Chiwenga was a victim of witchcraft after stepping on a lion’s tail.

Source – Byo24