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Willard Katsande neglects children

Katsande and his new found love, Bonga Miya, are having the time of their lives if the football star’s social media posts are anything to go by
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FORMER Zimbabwe senior men’s national football team captain, Mr Willard Katsande, is not taking care of his five children with his first wife at a time when he is show-boating in public spaces and social media with his South African partner, The Manica Post can reveal.

Mr. Katsande, who has reportedly fathered 10 children with five different women, has also inexplicably cut ties with his two surviving siblings, with his last communication with them being during their mother’s funeral in February 2018.

The Sakubva-born and raised former Highway and Gunners FC player is understood to be pushing his Boss YaMboka clothing brand for survival after his football career came to an end.

In football circles, Mr. Katsande is now just a South Africa top-flight league outfit, Sekhukhune FC’s brand ambassador.

The former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder is therefore pushing the clothing project with his South African partner, Ms. Bonga Miya.

It is understood that the numerous posters and online adverts of the Boss YaMboka clothing that feature Mr. Katsande and Ms. Miya have seen his children being ridiculed by schoolmates.

The Manica Post can reveal that Mr. Katsande, a super dad in his own right, has five kids with his first wife, Ms. Memory Dorerwe; one child with his erstwhile lover, Ms. Vaida Chahwanda; another child with Ms. Charmaine Mpofu; a child with a former girlfriend only identified as Thembie and two children with his current lover and business partner, Ms. Miya.

Although the actual ages of his children could not be readily established at the time of going to the Press, this newspaper has it on good authority that Mr. Katsande married Ms Dorerwe 16 years ago, although the current status of their marriage could not be established.

Memory Dorerwe, Willard Katsande’s first wife

Reliable sources close to Mr Katsande confided in The Manica Post that Ms Dorerwe and her five kids were almost evicted from their house in South Africa following non-payment of a bank mortgage.

The house they live in was bought through a bank mortgage facility that has to be paid in full before they can get full ownership.

The other house that Mr Katsande bought through the same arrangement in Kepmton Park, South Africa, is where he is staying with his new partner, Ms Miya.

Although the former Warriors captain seems to be painting a good picture about his financial inflows, The Manica Post has it on good authority that he recently pledged his Range Rover for a loan, a practice popularly referred to as chimbadzo.

Contacted for comment, Ms Dorerwe said, “He is the father of my kids. Handingade kumuyanika pachena nekuti zvaanoita handione zviri zvega. (I would not want to expose him because I think there is much more behind his actions). l just pray that one day he will wake up. The children and l are good. l am managing.”

His other children’s mothers could not be reached for comment, with Ms Mpofu pledging to respond to questions after a meeting, but she never did.

However, The Manica Post understands that apart from his first wife and Ms Miya, the other women who have children with the former footie star are now claiming maintenance for their offspring. His sisters refused to be named, but revealed that they last communicated with Mr Katsande during their mother’s funeral.

Apparently, Mr Katsande, the only boy in a family of five siblings, is left with two sisters after the demise of the other two.

“We last talked when our mother died. He has not been communicating with us and we have no problems with that if that is his choice. We will not impose ourselves on him. We also have our own lives to live. We have heard of all the problems that his family is facing, but there is little we can do about it since we are not on talking terms,” said one of the sisters who pleaded not to be named for fear of appearing to be jealous of Mr Katsande’s seemingly lavish lifestyle. When contacted for comment, the former Kaizer Chiefs linkman received, but did not respond to messages sent by this reporter.

He also did not pick any of our calls. – Manica Post